Continental WinterContact TS 830


Winter Tires

Tailor-made braking specialist for compact and midrange cars.

Designed for extreme braking manoeuvres.
  • Improved stopping on snow due to a high number of blocks in the shoulder area
  • Outstanding braking performance on icy and wet roads
  • Designed to work in harmony with today’s electronic driving safety systems
  • Superb fuel-efficiency

Handling on dry roads.
Feature: Stiffening base plate
Effect: Better absorption of lateral forces
Benefit: Better handling

Feature: Arrow-shaped groove
Effect: Rapid water drainage
Benefit: High aquaplaning safety

Snow braking and snow handling.
Feature: High number of blocks in the shoulder
Effect: More gripping edges, better molding effect in the snow, deep indenting with snow, better snow/snow gripping
Benefit: Better snow braking and snow handling, excellent snow traction

Braking on ice and wet
Feature: High block rigidity in tread pattern center in the circumference direction, high number of sipes
Effect: Maximised gripping edge formation
Benefit: Excellent braking effect on ice and wet roads
Brand: Continental
Model: WinterContact TS 830
Additional specifications are available for each size/SKU as each SKU has unique specifications. To see more details, click on the Size tab (above) and click the link for size or SKU. More information will be displayed (if available).
  • Dry Traction

    Rating Level: 50% 9
  • Wet Traction

    Rating Level: 75% 9
  • Snow Traction

    Rating Level: 25% 9 9
  • Ride Comfort

    Rating Level: 25% 9
  • Quiet Ride

    Rating Level: 25% 8

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