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Kumho Tire's world-renowned quality is a result of a strong commitment to advanced design technology. Excellent products that deliver optimum performance, quality, and most importantly, safety, are the Kumho Tire's promise.

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  • Minimize Downtime
    Access to large inventory to keep downtime to a minimum. We install everything from car tires to Loader tires including forklift solids.
  • Organize Tire Options
    We offer a wide range of tire options from the largest manufacturers in the business to meet every budget.
  • Find Which Tires Are Best For You
    Speak with a knowledgeable tire specialist and get the very best tire for your application.
  • Our Team Is Here To Help
    We'll help you find the right tires, quickly install your choice and get you on your way.
    Call us at 604-468-2566, or email us at sales@MilesTire.com .