The Best in Customer Service
And Tire Selection Assistance

Need help choosing the right tires for your vehicle?
Not only can Miles Tire supply you with tires for every budget and application, but the tire expertise only available from a tire specialist. You just don't get that from a company that generates most of its revenue from selling housewares or thousands of parts.
You need to talk to our tire experts for the best tire selection & service.

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All the popular Tire Brands

We offer a wide range of tire options from the largest manufacturers in the business. This ensures our customers receive the tires and service they require to minimize downtime.

BF Goodrich tires
bridgestone tires
continental tires
toyo tires
firestone tires
general tire
GoodYear tie
kelly tires
kumho tires
michelin tires
toyo tires

Fast & Professional
installation AND flat repairs

Our fully trained technicians have many years of expertise and are specially trained to provide quick and reliable service.

Commercial Service

We understand the importance of minimizing equipment downtime. Our tire technicians are the best in the industry!


While Miles Tire's products excel in the tire industry, we know that it takes more than good products to assure success. You need a TOTAL TIRE SOLUTION.

  • Tires For All Budgets & Driving Styles

    So what do you need? Sticky beyond belief; quiet highway touring; or one that does everything. Sometimes the lowest cost tire is the best option, but often a few extra bucks gives you a much better tire —Miles Tire's expertise can really help.

  • Tires & Installation

    Who do you trust? A twenty something kid or an experienced tire technician with 20+ years in tires? Our team is the best; giving you the ultimate in your tire needs.

  • Great Tires. Great Prices.

    All the major tire manufactures make great tires. Knowing what is best for you is the trick. Our knowledgeable tire team listens to you, clarifies your driving style and application and recommends a few tires to narrow down your options so you can make the best decision.

  • Fully Guaranteed

    We've got your back long after installation. Miles Tire supports the manufacturer's warranty for all brands we sell.

Ready for a Total Tire Solution From Miles Tire?

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